1985 Mustang SVO

1B (Medium Charcoal)


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Interior Cloth
Sunroof No
On Road Yes

100,000 Miles on
Baldwin NY USA
Entry Photo
Sold for $4,050.

On eBay.

"the buyer of this car sould know cars and computers-this car has been off the road since 1992-it has been kept inside- ok heres the list- rebuilt 2.3 -o- ringed -forged 30 over pistons flat tops-5.7 rods-copper head gasket no leaks-big valve head rebuilt-roller-edel brock upper- ported lower-facing front bet you havnt seen -75mm throttle body from 1995 5.0- mega sqirt 2 ecm- with wide band-lap top-big ebay turbo 60-1 -3 inch down pipe-big front mount inter cooler 3 inch pipe-be cool radiator - black majic fans-alcohol injection-crank breather and valve cover-blow off valve-strut brace- camber plates-15 to 1 manual river rack- msd-line lock-4 wheel power disc-new rotors and brakes and brake lines- 2 new fuel pumps -replced gas tank-rebuit t5 trani-center force clutch-all new cables -adjusters-short shifter-new 4 seires rear 411 gears-upper and lower control arms-chassy conectors-battery in back of hatch-power inverter for lap top-there is no grease or caked mud or dirt on the car-clean and paint under the mint rust free svo hood -painted with rust bullet all so under car-new head liner-2010 mustang rims 17s with new kumo tires-car has a 3g alternater-serp.belt-aluminum water pump-timing gears-green back gator belt-all lights work-horn works- radio works-door locks work- windows work-white face gauge-boost control-front leather seats no rips no crack in dash-new carpet-accel coil-GN turbo sheild-the car needs some finishing body work and paint -all body lines straight- the car is 95 persent rust free 2 small spots on the floor- the car is being sold in as is condition -it has not been road tested - i am sure i missed things- so please ask-"

100,000 Miles on
Baldwin NY USA
Entry Photo
Asking price $6,500.

Found on eBay. Starting price is $3,000, buy-it-now is at $6,500.

"The car has recently been painted Silver. Not a professional paint job. Seats have leather re-covers. Described as: 1985 2.3 svo- rebuilt- flat top forged pistons-5.7 rods- all arp - 20s wire o ringed block- engine was built to go in a sand rail-copper head gasket-big valve head, ford made the head 2 big for that year ,and then changed their heads for velocity ,smaller, all new-slight intake porting-roller cam-ported lower-90mm upper-head studs-adj. fuel reg.fuel gauge-95 gt throttle body-3g alt with bracket new power coated-serp belt pulley- black majic cooling fan becool radiator aluminum water pump-adjustable timming gear- new timming ,belt- lap top - wide band o2 mega sqirt 2 -big t3t4 70ar 4 inch inlet ebay turbo- alcohol injection - 411 rear new -world class t5 rebuit-from v8-center force dual friction-center force pressure plate -clucth cable-fire wall adjuster-all new-camber plates- kenny brown tower brace-line lock-short shifter-big big front mount-intercooler 3 in 3 out-blow off valve-white face gauge in dash-frame connectors-after market- rear uppers and lowers control arms,2010 mustang rims-red smokem kumo tires-all new-new rotors and pads-new fuel pumps-replace gas tank-msd - manual boost control-new battery-flaming river manual rack-gn turbo sheild-new rug-leather front seats no rips-complete interia blue- no cracks in dash -all lights work- horn works-windows work-has heat -no a/c-no power steering new battery-relocated power inverter for lap top -battery on off switch-3 inch cat.this car runs makes boost -needs more tune-never put plates on -horse power, turbo can support 450 have fuel pressure turned up ,it has 38 pd injectors-and straight meth,fuel shut off is set at 6500- power can far pass the limits of the 2.3- i have done this before ,the hard part is making it live- all new fluids new head liner-fuel pumps new- taylor wires- breather tank to crank and valve cover -jams and under hood painted silver- needs paint- very clean small rust spots on floor - i am sure i missed things just take a look around - and ask- buy it now will include orginal short block- trany and rear and oem rims--did you see john hubers famed 4 banger in hot rod this month 9 seconds using a felpro gasket those look like flat top pistons is that 3 inch down pipe- maybe even cast iron water pump, uhmmm -you should have the know how-and able to work on computers and cars."