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1984 9W (Dark Charcoal)

1984 1C (Black)

1986 1C (Black)
Owned by Jeffrey Aldrich in Riceville TN USA 37370
75,680 Miles on

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1984 1E (Silver)

32,443 Miles on
Chesterfield MO USA 63005
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Asking price $14,800.

Found on AutoTrader listed at $14,800.

Details from ad:

This car was a special order: Silver/ Gray interior, sunroof, premium sound system, no a/c. which makes it even more rare !!! I believe there are only 175 1984 SVO's made with no a/c...of course it made the car a little lighter and a little faster. OK about the car: This car runs and drives perfect !!! The interior is in mint cond, and even has the new car smell inside...never smoked in," not even once" rips, no tears, no stains, NOTHING. All the gauges , lights, horn, stereo, map light, fog lights everything works perfect !!! The instrument cluster lights are still super bright red, It really feels like your driving a brand new 1984 SVO down the road !! Its a trip) MOTOR: Just in the last 2 months we did new plugs, new wires, new cap, new rotor, new alt, new battery, flushed and fill radiator, new tranny fluid, new rear end gear oil ect... All maintenance is done and the car is ready to go... the only done to this is a little tweaking and tunning... the car now puts out around 224HP and 293tq she moves out !!! and is a blast to drive. The car is now pushing around 19psi instead stock 13psi. The outside and under car: First off ,,,,,there is not one bit of rust anywhere on or under this car NONE !! The paint still shine's like new (ORIG PAINT) the headlights and fog lights are crystal clear, tail lights still look brand new, the double svo wing is still nice and deep black (not faded) the rims still look new (no curb rash) tires are brand new, still has orig exhaust.