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1985.5 2R (Jalepeno Red) Asking $9,900.
Central Point OR USA
29,850 Miles on
1986 2R (Jalepeno Red) For sale.
Mandeville LA USA
158,000 Miles on
1986 7B (Dark Shadow Blue) Asking $6,700.
San Diego CA USA
86,000 Miles on

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1986 1D (Dark Gray)

169,000 Miles on
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1986 Ford SVO Mustang
About 95% complete and mostly stock
Car has been parked for @ 5 years after blowing a head gasket and blowing up the turbo. Head gasket has been replaced and includes an aftermarket turbo
Ran great before the big "poof "
Includes a new aftermarket E-Bay turbo
Includes new OE koni shocks
Needs tires, rims all have "curb rash", nicks and scrapes
Engine needs externals put back on. I have only reinstalled head, the rest needs to be finished. (Car has not ran for @ 5 years)
Driver's seat has tear in normal place (left side bolster)
Steering wheel worn thru, needs recovered
Interior smells of mildew, Dash has many cracks from sitting out in sun
Needs plates and tabs (and emissions in WA., check your state for same)
Could use a new clutch and brakes (have pads, but rotors have rusted do to moisture in car from constant NW rain)
Paint needs attention due to being outside
Has numerous nicks, scratches, chips, etc. (it is a 24 year old car with original paint)